LDG 4033: The Leading SARM That Continues To Gather Momentum

LGD 4033 can also be called as Ligandrol or Anabolicum. It produces steroid-like results without being one, hence considered as revolutionary potential in medical science. What is the need to go for a non-steroidal SARMs? Well, most steroids are made for performance-enhancing and hence one can consider them as cheating.

Also, they can be very dangerous, if not used properly with correct precautions. Though SARMs have had only limited researchers, what made LGD 4033 more promising is, it is one of the better studied SARMs. They were not just confined to experiments on rats or other animals, but they have been through multiple human trials and the results are just fascinating.

LGD 4033 Background and Testosterone Suppression

Currently, under development by Viking Therapeutics and discovered by Ligand Pharmaceuticals, LGD-4033 is treated for conditions such as muscle wasting and strengthening of bone. Here are few results of LGD-4033 on healthy men.

They took small dosages of this SARM for 21 days on healthy men and interesting case is that they saw a significant increase in lean body mass. Other trials also show that taking 22 mg per day of this does have no side effects or issues. With all this studying? Is LGD-4033 effective? Yes for sure. Then does it have any side effects too?

Yes, only it will suppress your natural testosterone production a bit while you use it. But it does not fall out alarmingly. Taking a limited dose of LGD-4033 turned out to be very effective. A limited dosage of 2-5 mg, for a month, seems to be a success formula.

Also, higher the intake of dose, the more muscle you put on. But at the same time, be precautious, as the higher dose also means more testosterone dips. Does anyone want to take their testosterone production below the alarming limit? For better results, wait for a month to know about the effectiveness of LGD-4033 after a month of taking that dosage.