What To Expect From A Winstrol Only Cycle

Winstrol only Cycles

Commonly known as Winny, Winstrol UK is a very popular anabolic steroid that’s available in both injectable and oral forms. While the drug is called Stanazolol, Winstrol is the popular brand name which most recreational users term as a steroid. Since it’s produced by a variety of underground labs, it’s widely available as an anabolic steroid. As compared to oral Dianabol which has a short life span in the body, Winstrol can be active for up to two days. Although it doesn’t make a huge difference on what time you consume it, you may want to take it before eating any food.Winstrol Steroid

What to expect from a Winstrol only cycle

Good effects of Winstrol
  • It increases protein synthesis and nitrogen retention- By its nature, Winstrol or Winny as its popularly known has a strong anabolic nature that greatly increases protein synthesis and nitrogen retention in the body. While these traits are important, it’s its ability to lower SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) that makes it unique. When SBHG is lowered we have more testosterone to pull from.
  • Cutting and burning fat- If you are looking for a lean, tight, and hard physique then Winstrol is the best drug for you. It’s mainly used during the cutting cycles to speed up the process of cutting fat while increasing the strength levels and preserving lean muscle mass. It also helps you get rid of unnecessary weight to instantly reveal your ripped, vascular hard muscles.
  • It helps in building strength and muscle mass- While Winstrol might not be the best bulking steroid, it still allows your body to increase its free testosterone making it one of the best drugs for increasing performance and strength.
  • It’s good for females who want to lose weight- It’s also recommended for females that want to lose weight and get a firm body. Women that use it will lose fat, get stronger and achieve tight, firm, abs and arms.
The Bad Effects
  • Acne- Just like hair loss, acne is genetically driven. If you use Winstrol you are likely to suffer a very disgusting acne. It’s, therefore, important to stay clean and use good quality facial cleaning products.
  • High Cholesterol- If you already have high cholesterol, you should avoid using Winstrol. However, if you have healthy cholesterol levels, you should avoid high doses and follow a diet that is cholesterol friendly. If you can do this, you will avoid cholesterol related side effects.
  • High Loss- Just like other anabolic steroids, hair loss is also among the side effects of Winstrol. If you are genetically disposed to baldness, there is a good chance that you will experience some hair loss. Using Winstrol can, therefore, speed up the process.
  • Liver Toxicity- Both the injectable and the oral forms of Winston belong to the C-17-aa class of steroids. This means they are also toxic to the liver. To keep your liver healthy while using Winstrol, it’s very important to avoid alcohol consumption and any other activity that might stress the liver. You should also avoid taking over the counter medications that may be harmful to the liver.
  • Virilization in females- Women who supplement with Winstrol run the risk of virilization. This can be very damaging and cause:
  1. Disrupted menstrual circle.
  2. Deepening of the vocal chords.
  3. Clitoral enlargement.
  4. Body Hair growth.